Sketch Aquarium

teamLab, 2013, Interactive Digital Installation

This is an aquarium where sea creatures drawn by children come to life! Children use their imagination to create colorful sea creatures on a sheet of paper. These sea creatures that entered a virtual sea come to life and begin to swim freely. When the children get close to the fish they all swim away at once. By touching a food bag the children can a feed the fish.

What children learn :

Creativity / Expression / Respect for Diversity / Self-Efficacy

Each of the children possesses infinite creativity. Based on this philosophy, we keep the following three points in mind with this attraction. Firstly, we hope children to build confidence in their own creativity. Secondly, we hope children to have opportunities to appreciate other people’s creations with the same state of mind as they put their efforts into their own creations. And the last, we hope children to sense that each of their choices and actions are creating changes visually. We will be happy if parents would take a chance to give such awareness to children.

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