Connecting! Train Block

teamLab, 2013, Interactive Digital Installation

Cars and trains run along roads and rail tracks that are connected by wooden blocks. By placing different blocks more and more cars and trains appear and a townscape develops. Blocks of the same color and blocks close to other connect. Children play by placing the blocks at different positions, and before they know it, they have created a town together!

What children learn :

Creativity / Expression / Pattern Recognition / Spatial Intelligence / Logical Thinking

Which block to select, where to place it, what kind of visual effects will be created? Children use these blocks to test various hypotheses by moving their hands on their own. The learning experience will be much richer since this activity force children to be more conscious of the presence of others and also of the things that they need to adapt to. In an environment in which the opinions of others also interferes, children can get stimulations from others which will enhance their inspiration beyond their your own imagination and creativity. A unique world can be co-created by combining own imagination, other children’s imagination and everyone’s actions.

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