Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere

Sisyu + teamLab, 2013, Interactive Digital Installation, Calligraphy: Sisyu, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

When children touch the characters the world contained in those characters opens up and the story begins. The objects that are born from the characters influence each other and are influenced by children’s actions. Children can change the world and create a story by using their body.

What children learn :

Concept of Characters / Pattern Recognition / Ability to Grasp Causality

Kanji which are used in today’s society and characters which become as beautiful symbols that connects with nature. We want children to experience the connection between “characters” and “things we see in our world” through these characters. Touching characters fluttering down, seeing how they react, or watching those characters changing into things that can be found in nature will stimulate those children who had never learnt Kanji before or those who do not really know what the characters are. After playing with the exhibit for a while, there might be a child who can visualize what forms of characters would mean what. In addition, we want children to have the opportunity to think how things that seem to be unrelated interact with one another by seeing the interaction of things in nature after the characters change.

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