3D Sketch Town

teamLab, 2014, Interactive Digital Installation

This is a town in outer space that grows and evolves with the pictures that children draw. Children are free to color in or add designs to pictures of things found in the town; cars, buildings, etc., as well as UFOs and Spaceships. Then the 2D pictures of cars and buildings, etc., enter into the town, become 3D and move around the town. As the different pictures enter the town different scenes evolve. You can enjoy interacting with the pictures: touch a car, for instance, and it may speed up.

What children learn :

Creativity / Expression / Logical Thinking / Spatial Intelligence

The vehicles and buildings drawn in 2D will be displayed in 3D on the screen. By looking at the 3D renderings of the pictures drawn in 2D, and by imagining what will happen when 2D drawings become three-dimensional, we acquire a deeper understanding of spatial relationships. By seeing how the object you drew looks like you in the town, you gain self-awareness, as well as an interest in others. We hope that the pure surprise of seeing your drawing move and come to life provides an opportunity to spark your interest in technology.

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