Media block chair

teamLab, 2012, Interactive Installation

Each block has indented and protruding surfaces. By fitting the blocks together ,the information is relayed from the protruding face to the indented face and changes their color. For example; fitting a blue block with a red block produces purple. Using your whole body you can experience the color changing mechanism.

What children learn :

Pattern Recognition (+Ability to test hypothesis by oneself) / Learning from others / Creativity / Expression

Using this attraction, children of all ages can collaborate and learn with each other. With the interlocking blocks children can: 1) Change color by fitting the blocks perfectly together, 2) Learn the rules of combining colors to make new colors, 3) Change the colors vertically as well as horizontally. What each child learns possibly differs, but even if children don’t understand the above methods they can use the blocks to hide, make stairs, and use their imagination to create all sorts of possible arrangements. They can also learn at their own pace with each other by seeing new possibilities that other children make.

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