Hopscotch for Geniuses

teamLab, 2013, Interactive Digital Installation

This is a hopscotch using circles, triangles and squares. The floor color changes beautifuly with sounds after expert landing on the shapes. Landing on the same shapes or same colors in succession creates beautiful colors and sounds. For example, if squares are placed together then squared effects will overflow and if red ones are placed together, red colored effects will overflow. Children use their entire bodies to play, and more advanced children can change the space instantly by finding connections between shapes and colors. Children can learn by playing.

What children learn :

Sense of Balance / Pattern Recognition (+Ability to test hypothesis by oneself) / Team Work

Hopscotch requires hopping and jumping while keeping legs together and spreading them. In order to play it well, not only a sense of balance but children also need fast reflexes to act what they thought in their mind quickly and accurately (I'll go there next, which step should I take? and etc.). Generally speaking, children become good at doing hopscotch when they get 3-5 years old, but we believe that if children of all ages mingle together, it could create an opportunity to learn from each other and feel the sense of give and take. Moreover, older children might notice the rule of hidden effects behind the connection of shapes and colors. We hope those children to form their own hypothesis (maybe if I step these areas in this order there might be this kind of effects...etc.) and find solutions by their own action.

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