A Table where Little People Live

teamLab, 2013, Interactive Digital Installation

This is a table where little people live. The little people run around and do not notice us, but by placing your hand or an object on the table the people will notice and jump onto it. The actions of the little people change in response to the shape and color of the object placed on the table. The more objects that are placed on the table, the more the little people’s world comes to life and they play with delight.

What children learn :

Pattern Recognition / Logical Thinking / Creativity / Expression / Law of Gravity

Walking, jumping, sliding, and bouncing up and down. Like the real world, laws of physics work in the little people’s world as well. We can make changes to the actions of little people by placing various objects. When intentionally placing objects close to the little people, children can move their hands and search how each individual laws of the behavioral changes being made by the action are different. It also contains an element of creating a kind of story, like actively designing little people's actions. Children can learn by checking with each other the results of the verification of their hypotheses for the questions about the change created by their landom interaction and they can also co-created the “Little People’s world”.

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