Light Ball Orchestra

teamLab, 2013, Interactive Installation

Patting the Light Balls changes their color and the sounds they make. The Light Balls combine to make an orchestra. Large balls communicate with the other balls; touching one changes the color of all the balls in the vicinity and changes the color of the entire space. Children using their bodies by touching and playing with the various sizes of balls can collaborate to change the space and freely create music.

What children learn :

Spatial Intelligence / Self-Efficacy / Team Work

With this attraction, children can enjoy the changes created in a space by touching or moving between large and small balls which are crammed in this space. It requires children to be more aware of the space around them (distance,height and depth), balls placed on the floor, balls hanging down from the ceiling, and in the place where they are standing. Being attentive to objects existing overhead is especially unique to this attraction. In addition, at the same time as touching a ball to create a visual change, in the space , the chilren have to accept the influence of someone else who might be touching the same ball from the other side. In such circumstances, we want children to balance well between the presence and will of others, and enjoy the colorful transition of the space.

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